5 Reason Why People Should Not Make a Midlife Career Change

5 Reason Why People Should Not Make a Midlife Career Change

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Today I want to look at that question about a midlife career change from a slightly different perspective; 5 reasons that people sometimes think that they should change careers.

When you are going to a job everyday that you dislike (or worse), it is very tempting to jump to the conclusion that it is time to change your career.  However, disliking your job is not necessarily a good reason to embark on a midlife career change. 

Before you jump into the deep end, it is important to ask yourself what is motivating you to start thinking about changing careers.  Have you really assessed your situation and looked at your various options?  Is making a midlife career change – a major undertaking – really the answer to what you are unhappy about?

People can jump into a midlife career change for lots of different but incorrect reasons. 

Here are 5 big ones that do NOT indicate that a career change is necessary:

1. Unsupportive Environment

Going to work where the environment doesn’t fit well with your personality and values may mean that you and the organizational culture are a bad fit.  In that case, first, think about finding a new company to work for.

2. You don’t mesh well with your Boss and/or Colleagues

If you are working for the wrong boss, maybe you just need to find a job with a better boss.  If you don’t find your colleagues supportive, you may need to find new colleagues or you may need to work on your own relationship skills.

3. You Strongly Dislike Certain Aspects of Your Job

It is not very likely that we are going to like every part of even the best job, so acceptance may be what is needed here.  If the situation is worse than that, finding a new job with a different organization is a lot easier than changing careers.

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4. Thinking of a Career Change as a Reaction to Unresolved Problems at Work

Sometimes there is an issue at work that isn’t getting resolved and you just want out.  Rather than make a rash decision, talk to your boss or HR to see if a resolution can be found that will be satisfactory.  A career change is not the answer to every problem at work.

5. Making a Hasty Career Change Decision

Sometimes we stay away too long in a job that isn’t right for us and then quit out of frustration, telling ourselves that we have to find a new career.  Making a reactive decision is never a good idea.  Before doing anything, get some distance from the problem and get some help in taking a more objective look.

So, before you start thinking about a midlife career change, review your situation to make sure that changing careers is the best way to find more enjoyment and fulfillment in your work.

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