10 Pieces of Career Advice and Tips to New Graduates

Being a new graduate can be an exciting time for you and your loved ones. One chapter of life is closing after study and another is just beginning out in the marker. You need to keep many things in mind when you join your first corporate job. Here we will discuss career advice and tips which will help you in your first job.

The followings are the most important career advice and tips for new graduates:

1. Your First Job May Not Be Perfect :

It is always great if you get your ‘dream job’ out of college, it’s may not likely to happen. Get into it with an open mind, an interest to learn & a commitment to work harder & give it all you have got for at least a year, or more.

In my case, the 6th company I interviewed with (all the others said no) was the one I got a job offer from & planned to stay there a year. A few months later, I was loving my job.

2. Work Hard & Invest In Yourself :

The initial days of your career are an investment. You get out of it what you put into your career. Work hard, learn, be open & active, and be patient. Never expect success to happen overnight.

3. Never Afraid to Fail :

The most successful people in life fails many times throughout their careers journey before they get successful. Whenever you fail, see it as a learning experience, and evaluate what you could have done differently.

4. The Power of Positive Thinking :

Never participate in negative talk, gossip, rumors or make excuses for why you can’t be successful in your career or life. Successful people find a way to win even when faced with a long list of challenges.

Negativity will destroy morale. Always be positive & realize that life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it!

5. Learn, Learn, Learn :

Read books & magazine, follow blogs & Articles, and watch videos as per your interest from the field experts. Make great efforts to learn everything about your role as soon as you can and learn about the new challenges linked with the next level.

Learn about new things & technology that going to take place in the next few years. If you can learn about those things for your current role, then you will be much more valuable to your employer.

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6. Find a Good Mentor (s) :

A selection of a great mentor is going to be able to lift or improve you up when you are down, he/she help you solve the challenges and obstacle you are dealing with, and make/develop you a better person through their teaching & mentoring.

Professionally, I had some great ones & today I am successful with their teaching and mentoring.

7. Build Your Network & Your Brand :

The longer you are in any business, the more valuable and important your contacts, network of people and knowledge will become.

Take advantage of some of the great networking tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platform – START NOW.

8. Be Committed :

The corporate world is tough! Being an entrepreneur or a successful professional is even tougher. Be committed to finishing, not giving up tasks or challenges, and most importantly, follow through on your word/commitment.

9. Know When Its Time to Move On :

Don’t stick around in a miserable work environment for a too long time. Typical what are the red flags to spot? You are spoiling your Sunday, you are no longer learning from work, it is affecting your health or you don’t have any more passion for what you are doing at current role etc.

At this time when your mentors can play a BIG role in helping you out if staying or moving at the current job on is best for you and your career.

10. Chase Your Passion :

Always see the initial days of your career as the foundation stone of your career. It must be solid and strong enough before you put a hire rise building on top of it. Chasing passion is like, always be ready to JUMP when you know what it is.

There are not too many ideas out there but if you have one, go for it. For all of us that don’t have unique kind of ideas, then learning as much as you can, building your network, and finding out what YOU love to do.

After reading above career advice and tips, you must have realized how important these tips are

Best of luck in the real corporate world. It will be challenging at times, but I believe in you that you can be successful in your career journey!


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