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8 Common Interview Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

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In this article, you will come to know some common interview mistakes which candidates do during the interview. This will help you in preparing for an upcoming competitive exam interview and to avoid these mistakes during the interview.

When an aspirant candidate meets with the officials of the company where he/she has applied for the vacancy and some set of questions are being asked by the officials is called “Interview”.

Normally interview is a final level of the selection process in all the government exams.

After successfully cracking of written examination by candidates, he/she is get call letter for the interview by an authority. The interview is a very critical part of the entire selection process as this decides the future of the candidates.

It is very important to make a good impression on the interviewer through knowledge and body languages but still, candidates are rejected. The rejection of the candidates is always due to some mistakes.

Lakhs of the candidates in India are looking for government jobs as government jobs are considered prestigious in India.

Many candidates crack written exams but in the interview, they cannot perform well, and finally, they get rejected at the interview level.

The following tips in this article shall help aspirant candidates to improve their personality and communicative skills for the interview for the upcoming competitive exams.

8 Common Interview Mistakes made by candidates during Interview

To help the aspirant candidates for the upcoming competitive exams interviews, here in this article we bring 8 points common mistakes that happen during an interview:

1. Not enough awareness about the Organization

The candidates must have all knowledge about the history of the organization, products, no. of branches, culture, top management, service area, and about the functioning of the organization, etc. The candidate must know all information before appearing for the interview.

Having complete knowledge about the organization gives a good impression on the interviewer and also increases the confidence of the candidate in the interview.

Candidates, less knowledge about the organization will increase the chance of rejection in the interview.

2. Casual or Informal Dress up

The attire or dress up is a very important thing for a candidate while appearing in a bank interview.  There is a famous saying “The first impression is the last impression” so the candidates must follow proper attire guidelines of bank interviews.

The candidate needs to carry only the necessary documents file and a pen and avoid any unnecessary things.

3. Not reporting on time

Time is always is the most important part of our life.

The candidates must report at the interview center much before time to avoid any late coming due to any uncertain incident. Whether it is a written exam or interview, candidates must adhere to time guidelines provided by the authority.

4. Walking Fast

The candidate should keep calm and walk normally while appearing for a bank interview. The candidate need to avoid walking speedy and over-excitement while appearing for the interview.

The speedy walk and over-excitement may create a bad impression on the interviewer and will be a negative impression. The interviewers are very smart as they notice every small body language of the candidate.

5. Look here and there

The candidate must not look here and there in the interview room. The candidate must sit and wait calmly for his/her interview turn and not roam in the interview premises unnecessarily.

6. Bookish Answers

The bank interviews are not only to check the knowledge of the candidates but also to know more about overall personality, body language, attitude, and other behavioral aspects.

The candidates must avoid giving a tailored made answer to all the questions and use common sense.

7. Lack of Confidence

Confidence is a very important aspect of our life. We must have confidence while dealing with the situation. The lack of confidence always spoils the situation.

While sitting in the interview, if candidates show a lack of confidence then it becomes harder for him/her to answers and also further demotivate and nervous him/her.

All candidates must be serious while preparing for the interview and the interviewer analyses the overall attitude and approach of the candidates. The candidates must give sufficient time for interview preparation as equal to study.

If a candidate lacks confidence then chances of getting rejected become higher. At the same time, the candidate is also not to show overconfidence which is similarly dangerous.

The candidate needs to ensure that his/her voice is audible to the interviewer.

8. Keep Eye Contact

The proper eye contact with the interviewer is a must while answering the bank exam questions. The eye-contact also displays the confidence of the interviewer.

The candidates should avoid all the above common mistakes while appearing for the bank interview.

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