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10 Exam Stress Symptom That Shows Your Mind Will Go Blank During Exam

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Today I want to discuss an important aspect of an exam i.e. exam stress symptom which resulting in the blank brain/mind problem.

Most of us have appeared in various kinds of examinations in our life and exam stress is part of it. Obviously, every exam has its own level of difficulty. Some exams are very easy, and some are very difficult.

Blank brain means your brain fails to deliver output in the examination from what you have studied. Actually it’s not a problem but I think it’s a mental situation which occurs because of some reason.

10 Signs That Shows Your Mind Will Go Blank in Exam

I have my observation with me and which I am going to express here.

Let me clear that I am not an expert or teacher indeed I am a student and the observation is totally based on my own as well as experiences from my friend circle, nothing more than that.

Let us have a look at 10 exam stress symptoms that shows your mind will go blank in exam.

1.  Unconscious feeling

This is a well-known exam stress symptom which in simple words you are not feeling well. When you feel unconscious generally your confidence level decreases.

If one is feeling unconscious before some time of examination then it’s not a good symptom through an exam point of view. An unconscious mind may refuse to deliver expected output so that means your brain may go blank in the exam.

2.  Lack of confidence

Again a common exam stress symptom that is dangerous for our performance i.e lack of confidence, as well as extreme confidence (over-confidence) both, is inappropriate for good performance.

The lower level of confidence shows that we are not prepared for the exam and the extreme/higher level of confidence also delivers the wrong message that our mind does not need any preparation.

3.  Negative stress

I believe that stress is not always useless but negative stress is not only useless as well as harmful.

Negative stress imposes unnecessary burdens on our mind which results in unexpected results such as misbehavior of the mind or short term memory loss etc.

Carrying negative stress throughout the exam is not a good idea indeed carrying a little bit of positive stress may prove beneficial.

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4.  Planning malpractices

If you are planning to do any malpractice in the exam then it is not only against rules and regulations of the examination conducting organization but also it’s illegal in most cases.

A plan to perform malpractice is nothing but the second stage of negative stress and lack of confidence as far as the exam is concerned. As we have seen earlier, negative stress may prove harmful during the examination.

5.  Mental instability

The unstable mind always fails to deliver 100% output, hence it does not provide the best-expected results.  

Adequate rest/sleep may reduce temporary mental instability. Instable mind causes blank brain issue in most of the cases.

6.  Negative Perception

This point is slightly related to negative stress. Negative perception takes place when our mind overthinks about things related to the exam.

May be thinking about the paper difficulty, supervisor’s attitude, or nearly anything like that. Negative perception means nothing but to build negative thoughts about something or any person.

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7.  Unnecessary tension

Again, unnecessary tension related to anything causes problems in the examination and the overall performance in nearly any task.

Unnecessary tension is an extraordinary tension which is not required at all in the important tasks such as examination. It may cause serious exam stress problems such as a brain blank problem.

8.  Inattentiveness

Inattentiveness means physical presence and mental absence.

If you are inattentive in the class lectures and even in self-study then your brain will surely go blank in the examination as there will be absolutely nothing to deliver for your brain.

So inattentiveness is one of the important symptoms that show your brain will go blank.

9.  Incomplete sleep

Every person needs rest or sleep to deliver the best performance.

Brain blank issues may arise in the examination due to incomplete sleep and this may also cause issues related to our health such as unconscious feelings etc.

Proper rest for the mind can deliver good results such as fresh mood, good performance. It is a very common exam stress symptom.

10.  Sudden preparation feeling

This is one of the important point that makes you sudden feeling for the preparation of the examination before few hours or minutes of the examination.

This is part of the lower confidence and it can also cause brain blank issues in the examination.

So, these are the basic symptoms that show your brain is going to be blank in the examination.  Well, there are a number of chances for the examination to appear but ultimately the health is more important, so be fit and perform well.

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