Exam Tips : 7 Things You Need To Know Before Exam !

The Exam Tips are really very helpful in writing a perfect answer to the board exams and are the easiest but important.

Whatever you or any students prepare before the exams, but if you are not able to perform well on the exam day, all the hard work is useless.

Whenever you sit in the Examination Hall every time you feels anxious and nervous. It is so much that you start forgetting the things that are missed.

While anxiety and uneasiness at the time of examinations, it is natural to the extent, yet you can make the situation a bit easier by adopting some simple Exam Tips while solving the paper in the examination hall.

Here are the 8 Exam Writing Tips by which you can solve the paper in the best way and find the best results:

  1. Start with the question which you remember well.

It should be your first task as soon as you get the question paper. Take the initiative to start the questions for which you are completely confident, that is, you have the full faith that you will be able to solve those questions right away.

While conducting board exams, it is not necessary that you solve the questions according to the given order in the question paper. Therefore, first answer the answers to those questions that you remember well and it will increase your confidence.

  1. Avoid writing any answers in excessive words.

When taking the exam, keep a close note of how to use the proper words as per his demand to write each answer. Never write such paragraphs in the answers neither was asked in the question nor has the demand for his interpretation.

For example, if you have been asked for the definition of ‘soil erosion’ in the science paper, then only describe the definition here, not about the effects of soil erosion or its effects.

In fact, most students believe that by writing longer or longer answer, the teacher will give him/her more marks which are not correct at all because the teachers evaluate just the right and correct answers and not the stories written in the answer sheet.

  1. Choose the question correctly to answer from multiple questions.

If the question paper is given in multiple selection questions in which the student has to choose a question then you must select the right question to answer.Exam-Tips-Check-List

But the interesting thing is that while choosing from such questions, students often choose without thinking of themselves, due to the haste and pressure. After answering the question, they often think that they could solve the second question better.

So, for you to choose the right question, firstly read all the questions given in the option then select the question which you feel you can answer better. You can do it by trying to get a picture in your mind of the answers to those questions.

  1. Attempt all questions.

We all know that there is no negative marking for the wrong answer in the board exam, then you must also answer the answers to all the questions which you get a little confused because you will not lose anything for this.

Once again, try to understand the style of the question and its demand. If you can remember its answer then it is good but if you want to do not miss even a second, using your mind in that situation, help a smart guess.

The examiner is always looking for some technical term on which to give the mark to the student.

So try a guess and write something near to the question asked. You may get some marks who knows.

Something is Better Than Nothing.

  1. Do not waste time to decorate the answer sheet.

It is often seen that most students are used to decorate their answer magazines in a colorful way when solving paper, in which they use blue, black, green colors, different colors of headings or other colors.

Keep this in mind that doing this type of make-up will keep you away from getting any more points but rather the time will surely be wasted during which time you could write down all the answers that you left for the last.

Therefore, leaving your non-essential decoration, reply to your answer to the appropriate and neat way.

Use only two pens, a black pen for headings and a blue pen for the paragraph answer or as per the direction of the examiner. Also, use a pencil to create any diagram.

If you look clearly and systematic, you will also have enough time to solve other questions.

  1. Be sure to leave the appropriate space in every word and every answer.

While writing the answer, note that you must leave the appropriate space between every two words. Do not make mistakes in writing all the 15-20 words pressed in the same line. It will be difficult for the tester to read overlapped words. Whose direct impact will be on your grade, so keep in mind certain things to keep your answer sheet clean and orderly:

A. Make the most answers by creating points.
B. Write all sentences simultaneously as a paragraph.
C. Please leave one or two lines before and after each answer

  1. Do not be afraid, rather stay calm and focused.Exam-Tips

It is not always necessary that you have the answer to every question. Such questions will be in every exam, whose answers you may not have.

You need not to get panic in such a situation because this will directly affect your mind. You just need to stay calm and focused so that you can answer those answers correctly. So that you will have plenty of time to answer all the difficult questions.

Exam Tips by Expert-

  1. Diagrams are most important in the exam. Make preparations by making them frequently and during the preparation.Exam-Tips-Diagram

  2. Do not waste last extra 15 minutes time in answer to any question. Complete the paper 15 minutes in advance and review all answers in the last 15 minutes.

If all of you adopt all the Exam Tips and suggestions given above, you will definitely be able to get the marks you want.

Please write in below comments box if you have any question. We will be happy to help to give you more Exam Tips which can help you in getting a good grade in exams and successful career ahead.

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