7 Resources To Help You Succeed As A Freelance Writer

7 Resources To Help You Succeed As A Freelance Writer

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Is writing your dream? Want to be a Freelance Writer? Do you dream of making a living off of it, but you’re too scared to go through with it because you’re pressured to make a more rational career choice? You hear of the “struggling artist”—after all, writing is an art form—and suddenly you’re plunged into an ocean of fear and second thoughts.

But no one said following your dreams was easy. If it were, it wouldn’t be much of a dream. Working hard, giving it your all, and keeping at it will take your dream from the distant wistfulness and bring it within reach. Becoming a successful writer won’t happen overnight. You have to build the right connections, you have to show off what you’re capable of, and most importantly, you need to build upon experiences and your writing portfolio.

Luck you for, writing doesn’t have to be just a hobby anymore. You can make a little cash out of it—or build it into a brand new career or business. The Internet has expanded the market for writers, with thousands of opportunities available, especially for freelance writers. There are opportunities for creative writing, journalism, sports, entertainment — you name it!

To help you successfully build yourself as a freelance writer, here are a few online sites that will help you get on the right track:


This is an online freelancing marketplace that helps freelance writers set up an online profile that attracts clients. Here, a freelance writer can list his or her experiences, skills, rates, etc. This is a great way for a freelance writer to get his or her name out there. This site is, consequently, a great way to find freelance writers, too. With access to the writers’ profiles, you can easily find a writer who fits your needs.


This is an excellent site if you want to improve your writing skills. It offers simple exercises that are divided into four categories: sentence, paragraph, sketch, and story. As you move through the exercises, you advance in points and levels. Not only does this keep your writing skills sharp, but it’s also entertaining, too!


This is for especially those who let their emails pile up into an overwhelming mess. As you advance in your freelance writing career, clients will build up, and clients contact you through email. If you can’t keep your emails organized, you won’t be able to communicate efficiently with clients, either. This helps you organize your emails by focusing you to do one task at a time until you fall into a good habit of quickly sending and answering emails, so you never miss a client or deadline again.


This site is great for anyone looking for quality written and researched essays that are entirely original. This site prides itself on being affordable without compromising the quality of its writings. These writers are more than capable of doing the research for you and writing that essay for whatever you need it for. For when you need a quality and thorough essay fast, 99Papers is the place to turn, especially if you are a writer on a deadline, there’s no time, and you need in-depth research ASAP.

Bundle Post

As a writer, to get your name out there, you are probably networking on multiple social networks, and you want your posts, or relevant posts, to be in one organized place for your readers. Bundle Post is a great tool to use, as it brings all your sources together into one place, so you can easily keep track of everything and so your reader never miss out on any posts again. This is a beneficial organizing tool because you can create schedules here for when you want your sources to appear to your readers. It will increase your social media results. Instead of being stressed about keeping all your social media up to date, this tool will do it for you, so you can concentrate more on creating connections with your readers.


This will help take your marketing to new levels. Powtoon allows you to create free animated videos and presentations to attract new clients. Here, you can, in a fun way, give a quick spiel of what you stand for and what you can offer. A video presentation is a best and most efficient way to grab potential client’s attention; it’s engaging and an excellent persuading tool.


The easiest way to grow your clientele is through social media, the main being Facebook and Twitter. Agorapulse allows you to manage both these social networks; it also helps you gain more likes and followers. It provides tools to help you organize multiple accounts, tools to grow your followers, and tools that find targeted content for publishing.

With all these resources available, becoming a successful freelance writer is more than possible. Make use of these, grow your networks and connections, and put your writing out there. In no time, you might get a successful business or clientele out of it. There is no loss in trying, but there is everything to gain. So if you want to write, write!

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