6 Awesome Online Freelance Writing Jobs from Home

6 Awesome Online Freelance Writing Jobs from Home

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Writing jobs? A career in writing?


As a prospective writer, others may have convinced you that the very notion of making a living from writing is a silly daydream. They also must have said that writing jobs will never come to fruition. You might even believe them. I once did too.

Today, I along with the multitudes of other writers who write to live can speak from personal experience and assure you that this is false.

If you are determined to write, I encourage you to rid yourself of this notion immediately, or by the end of the day.

Yes, it is exceedingly difficult to become the next great novelist.

I do not deny this and no sane person would. If that is your life’s dream, then I encourage you to maintain realistic expectations in pursuing it. But know that other practical writing careers can be pursued in parallel that can garner you a sustainable living.

The field of writing is vast, so if you are willing to cast your net beyond popular literature, the paths to writing success are numerous.

Here is the list of 6 in-demand freelance writing jobs:

1. Business Writing Jobs

Business writing jobs encompass any type of material written to meet the content demands of a business.

This can include marketing white papers, case studies, corporate communications, brochure writing, web content writing, sales pitches, reports, memorandums, and more.

Business writing is clear and purposeful in tone and typically serves to explain, propose, or call readers to action.

Business writers write for an audience of either internal personnel or external consumers and prospective consumers.

Due to the ever-multiplying pool of businesses small and large that require content in various forms, business writers continue to be in demand.

2. Copywriting Jobs

Copywriting job is a rewarding career that entails the writing of copy for advertising or marketing either products or services.

This includes advertising copy, press releases, web content, brochures, catalogs, white papers, and more.

It is concise and influential in tone and serves to promote product or brand consumption to prospective customers.

The copywriters traditionally employed in advertising or public relations firms. Today they are working in all types of organizations seeking perfectly content to promote their unique product vision.

Because the well-crafted copy is a precious commodity that can directly influence the bottom line of business.

The strong copywriters continue to be highly sought after for their talent.

3. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is perhaps the most independent and autonomous career that a professional writer can undertake.

These writers are typically self-employed writers who obtain assignments from clients on a contract or project basis.

These assignments can be short or long-term and are more variable in both subject matter and pay structure than other writing careers. Because each client a writer works with may represent a different industry or niche with different standards.

Some freelance writers choose to specialize in a particular niche over their careers. While some others relish opportunities to write in multiple exciting and diverse fields from technology to healthcare to entertainment.

Freelance writing jobs can be demanding in nature as it requires writers to proactively seek assignments.

However, due to the ability, it affords writers to exert control over their time and work, it is considered one of the most rewarding writing careers. The sky is truly the limit for an ambitious freelance writer.

4. Grant Writing Jobs

Grant writing jobs involve the writing of grant proposals or applications on behalf of organizations seeking funding from governmental organizations or institutions such as corporations or trusts.

It consists of carefully argued language in a measured structure and tone that is most likely to result in a favourable result from the grantor.

The grant writer has a particularly collaborative role and generally consults with executive board and project personnel during the writing process to assess project outcomes.

Grant writers are valued and key organizational players due to their niche expertise, their systematic approach to grant research and submissions, and their singular ability to secure valuable funding.

5. Medical Writing Jobs

Medical writing jobs involve the production of documentation that is scientific or clinical for use by either medical or lay audiences.

There are career opportunities for both scientific medical writers and non-scientific medical writers.

Scientific medical writers are typically individuals with research, science, or clinical background.

These writers may freelance or staff writers employed by pharmaceutical corporations or other healthcare institutions.

The scientific medical writer works with clinical professionals such as physicians or researchers to convey research or product findings. They are doing it through material such as clinical study reports, patient consent forms, scientific abstracts, or other communications material geared toward a professional scientific audience.

Non-scientific medical writers may not have a clinical background but often have a writing background. This background allows them to serve as medical communicators and gain valuable medical knowledge on the job.

These writers typically write medical educational content such as medical or health-related articles, educational content for patients, or marketing materials.

The demand is high for medical writers in both scientific and non-scientific career tracks, so the opportunities to learn and grow are endless.

6. Technical Writing Jobs

Technical writing jobs entail writing user or developer documentation for lay or technical audiences, respectively.

They are employed either as freelance or staff writers by technology firms across industries from telecommunications, to robotics, to biotechnology.

Technical writers write instructional user guides, release notes, methods of procedure, API documentation, and more.

These writers typically collaborate with technical subject matter experts (SMEs) to gain insight into how a product or system was designed. They then translate that insight into clear instructions or usage scenarios to assist the reader in utilizing that product or system.

The writers continue to be in high demand as they play an important role in bridging the understanding between users and products.

They also enable product engineers to improve the quality of their products to better meet the needs of their users.

Effective Ways of Writing

  1. Avoid using vague language, use clear concise language.
  2. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Use Grammarly’s Free Grammar Checker. Correct all grammar errors and check for plagiarism – instant and free! It is an AI-powered product which helps you to avoid any grammatical and spelling errors.
  3. Use active voice maximum as it reflects the subject is performing the verb.
  4. Write short and simple sentences.
  5. Avoiding unnecessary repetition of words.
  6. Use strong verbs.
  7. Using bullet points wherever necessary for better understanding.
  8. Remove any unnecessary conjunctions (and, but, etc) and use wherever necessary.
  9. Remove unnecessary punctuation (eg, commas)‏ and use wherever necessary.

List of Writing Online Writing Jobs Provider

  1. Freelancer
  2. Constant-Content
  3. ProBlogger
  4. BloggingPro
  5. FlexJobs
  6. MediaBistro
  7. WeWorkRemotely
  8. FreelanceWritersDen
  9. Upwork
  10. Toptal
  11. FreelanceWritingGigs

List of Online Writing Jobs Tools

  1. Draft
  2. Reedsy Book Editor
  3. Grammarly Premium
  4. Readability Score
  5. Hemingway Editor

In Conclusion

So, here’s my advice to all new and aspiring writers-

Writing jobs demands a lot of hard word like any other job in this world. It doesn’t require any physical work, but an emotional one. You have to bleed in this profession.

My advice is to write for yourself. You should pursue writing as a career only if it’s your calling and not because it seems an easy job.


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