How To Avoid Negative Marking In Bank

How To Avoid Negative Marking In Bank Exams [Important Tips]

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In this article, we shall discuss and provide some tips to minimize and avoid negative marking in bank exams.

Nowadays almost every competitive bank exam has a system of negative marking in bank exams.

Every candidate has a common question that if there is negative marking in the bank exams then how to minimize it or avoid it.

Negative marking deducted the marks you got from the right question which ultimately impacts your selection in the bank exam.

One wrong answer to the question is equal to 0.25 marks and if candidates give 4 wrong answers then a total 1 mark is deducted from your total marks. This negative marks impacts a candidate very much and many time it decided your selection in the bank exam.

Many candidates loose lot of marks due to this negative marking pattern in bank competitive examinations. Candidates study and practice in such a way that they either minimize or avoid negative marking.

Hence, candidates must improve their accuracy so that they can avoid negative marking in bank exams.

Top Tips to Avoid & Minimize Negative Marks in Bank Exams

The followings are important tips to minimize negative marking in the bank exam.

1. Do not answer questions which you are unsure of:

Candidate must quickly answer all those questions which they are fully confident to solve and then try to solve questions which they left due to low confidence.

If candidates solve easy questions speedily and they will have some time to review unanswered questions.

Candidates can chance of negative marking if they leave the questions which they are not sure but leaving too many questions will hamper their chance of cracking bank exams.

Leaving too many questions unanswered will impact more on your overall marks.

2. Do not  guess answer randomly

If a candidate does not know the right answer to the question then he/she should not answer with random guesses.

The blindly answering with random guess will impact their final marks. They must answer the question for which they are 100% confident and sure. This way you can minimize negative marking in bank exam.

3. Carefully read questions

Some time due to overconfidence or getting the easy question, they quickly answer and mark it without reading the question carefully. The candidate may mark the wrong answer due to overconfidence and which will result in getting negative marking. 

Hence, it is advised to all candidates to read all questions very carefully and then answer.

4. Attempt easy question first

When candidates are preparing for the exam, they must identify their strength area and weak area.

Once you identify your strength area then you must attempt your strength section first so that you finish quickly major area and in the remaining time you give to tough and unanswered questions.

Attempting easy and your strength area question will boost your confidence which will help in solving tough questions.

5. Go through mock tests and previous year’s bank exam question papers

Understanding bank exam pattern is a must requirement to get selected for bank exam.

Apart from general exam paper, you must attempt mock-test and previous year paper to understand frequently asked and important sections.

While solving mock paper and previous year paper, you will come to know your weak area and accordingly you can focus on these weak areas. This will help you in minimizing mistakes and can track your performance.

6. Note down important points

Candidate should start making important point note from day one of bank exam preparations. Candidates can make proper notes of important shortcuts and tricks which will help them in memorizing for a long time.

These notes will also help candidates in quick revision just before the examination and minimizing negative marks as you cannot read entire books at the last minute.

7. Refer to an online resource or take the help of a coaching institute.

Apart from reading books at home, you can also take the help of online resources and coaching centers.

The coaching centers have expert teachers who have to help you with learning shortcuts and tricks. The shortcuts and tricks will be helpful in minimizing your negative marking in the bank exam.

8. Calculate the risk of negative marking

As discussed earlier, candidates must attempt the question for which they are sure. If you cross a desired no. of the sure answer then you can try to take the risk for answering left questions.

While solving the unanswered question, if the answer is not available in the given option then you can take risk of answering a very close answer. For this risk, you must have answered adequately no. of right answered.

9. Avoid last-minute answering

If candidates solve answers in the last minutes of the exam then there are chances of the wrong answer.

Candidates must avoid the last-minute answer.

If the answer is not correct then you will get negative marking which will impact overall marks. Last-minute answering always leads to a mistake.


The well-prepared candidate with confidence for the bank exam needs not to worry about negative marking in the bank exam and take unnecessary stress. Despite this, they need to concentrate on their goal with handwork with smart work.

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