How to Crack Bank Exam In First Attempt [15 Simple Tips]

How to Crack Bank Exams In First Attempt [15 Simple Tips]

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Today, from this article you will learn some simple tips to crack bank exams in the first attempt. Also, you will learn how to crack SBI PO.

Many aspiring candidates who want to make a career in the banking sector have cracked bank exams in their first attempt.

You must be wondering how it is possible but this is not a myth. Any candidate can crack bank PO examination in their first attempt. 

The candidates who are willing to do hard work with smart work and follow some strict rules or guidelines can crack the bank exam.

The guidelines can help the candidate in preparing and organizing them for upcoming bank exams. 

In this article, we will let you know the top 20 best guidelines that are proved beneficial for the aspiring candidates if they are serious and willing to crack upcoming bank exams in the first attempt.

20 Simple Tips to crack the Bank Exams

The following are the guidelines to crack the bank exam in the first attempt.

1) Understand the Bank Exams Syllabus and Exam Pattern Clearly

This is very important for an aspiring candidate to properly understand the whole bank exam syllabus and bank exam pattern.  A candidate needs to have complete knowledge of both the exam i.e. Prelims & Mains.

The knowledge of the bank syllabus and bank exam pattern will give the candidate confidence to go ahead to crack the exam in the first attempt.

It will be difficult for a candidate to prepare and crack a bank exam in the first attempt if he/she miss anything from the syllabus or pattern.

2) Prepare Daily Study Plan

Once you make mind to join the banking sector you must start preparing for a bank exam. As mentioned in the first tip, you must understand the exam syllabus and pattern thoroughly.

When you apply for any bank exam through the online system, you must make a proper daily study time-table as per your subject’s strengths and weaknesses. 

A time-table must include all the subjects and divide time accordingly. Once you have made time-table, it is your responsibility to adhere to the same.

Whether you are a student or a working-class professional, you have to follow this time table strictly if you want to crack the bank exam in the first attempt. It helps in bank exams today.

3) Find & Use Best Available Resources for Bank Exam Preparation

Once you have made up your mind to go to the banking sector and applied for a bank exam, now you have to find the best available resource for your preparation.

You can talk to the person who has recently cracked the bank exam to know and understand the best books of all subjects. 

If you don’t choose the right books and material then it may hamper your preparation and chance of cracking the bank exam in the first attempt.

Now it is recommended to choose books and other sources of bank exam material that are most relevant and proven.

4) Coaching Institute as an Option

There are many trained subject experts are available in the coaching institute for bank exams.

These experts are teaching and preparing aspiring candidates for the coming bank exams in their coaching institute hence their knowledge will help you in cracking bank exams in the first attempt.

The coaching institute offers many crash courses and conducts a periodic mock-test which ultimately helps candidates to crack the bank exam. 

The candidates can learn best shortcuts and tricks from the coaching teachers to complete exam paper very speedy with full accuracy.

5) Identify Weak Areas & Work on it

You must have very clear knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and pattern which will help you in identifying and analyzing your strength and weak area.

Once you identify your weak area then you can start giving more focus on these subjects to convert your weak area into the strength area.

7) Give Equal Importance To All Sections

Candidates need to give equal importance to all the sections or areas.

You may find a few are as simple and easy due to your strength area but don’t make mistake by given less importance to these subjects.

Many aspiring candidates give less importance to English Language and General awareness subject but candidates should not make this mistake.

Giving equal importance to all subjects will help you in cracking the bank exam in the first attempt.

8) Use Previous Papers & Mock Tests to practice

The previous year’s papers are very useful in understanding bank exam question patters.

The papers will give you an insightful idea about the ban exam patter and understand the type of questions asked.

Candidate should also refer to mock tests and prepare themselves for the bank exams.

9) Refer Available Online Material

Nowadays there is huge online study material available online for bank exams. The candidate must take advantage of these free online material and if required you can opt for paid crash courses. 

10) Create Short Notes

While you are studying you must note down a key point or heading which will help you for a quick revision just before bank examination. These key points are proven to be very helpful for speedy revision of the subjects for bank examination.

11) Identify Important Topics

While solving previous year papers, you will come to know that certain topics are frequent and come with a high number of questions.

You need to identify that high frequency and important topics and write down in a notebook. Now you need to give some extra weightage to those topics while bank exam preparation.

12) Check Speed And Accuracy

The candidates must be aware that bank exams are online and time-bound. Now candidates’ focus should be on maintaining speed and accuracy during the examination which will help in cracking the bank exam in the first attempt.

If you lack in maintaining speed and accuracy during the online bank exam then it will be difficult for a candidate to solve all questions in time and ultimately you may not get selected in the exam.

Hence you need to conduct a time-bound mock test to check your speed and accuracy.

13) Time Management

You must be aware that all sections are divided into time hence you need to cover section into the time frame. You need to manage time in such a way that you give enough time to all questions save some time to solve tough questions.

Time management is a very important aspect of bank exam preparation.

Candidates must manage time in such a manner that sufficient time is given to every topic of the syllabus and solving the entire bank exam paper within the given time.

14) Reading Daily Newspapers is Must

The general awareness section of the bank exam pattern is based on the current affairs only. The current affairs related to economics, business, sports, and other topics of the world and India.

The reading daily newspaper not only helps you in improving your general awareness but also improves your English which also a section of the bank exam pattern.

15) Positivity & Motivation

Candidates must always be positive and motivated during the bank exam preparation.

The positive attitude and self-motivation of the candidates will help them in handing all stress of the bank exam preparation.

Having a positive attitude and self-motivation of candidates always helps in cracking the bank exam.

A candidate’s positive attitude and motivation are key for his/her success in the competitive bank exams.

16) Stay Calm And Stay Focused

If candidates stay calm, relaxed, and focused then they will be able to concentrate more on the exam.

The good concentration during the study as well as in the exam is a must to crack the bank exam. 

17) Study in Interval

When you are preparing for bank exams, you are suggested to take small breaks after a study of 30 minutes.

When you take small 5 minutes break after every 30 minutes then you will be able to more concentrate on the next section and your stress will release.

18) Avoid Guess during the Exam

The candidates need to avoid guesses while answering the question. You must be aware that in bank exams, every wrong answer carries negative marking.

The negative marking will hamper your selection into bank exams. The candidate should not answer the question when he/she is not confident about it.

19) Start with your Strength area.

All the candidates are strongly advised to start resolving question which is familiar with.

By solving the most familiar question candidate will be able to save time and saved time can be used for solving tough questions.

By doing this, you will be able to solve most questions correctly. 

20) Don’t give more time on one question

While solving questions if you find that a particular question is taking you extra time then you must skip that question and move to another question.

If you will give extra time on solving one question then you will have less time to solve high no. of the question at the end. In this situation, you will be in a hurry and untimely you will not be able to solve the question which you can.

21) Try to attempt all questions

Candidates need to attempt all questions as this will increase your chance to crack bank exams in the first attempt.

But you have to make sure that to attempt all questions you do not give wrong answers.


Hope the above tips have solved your query on how to crack SBI PO and how to prepare for bank exams. You can prepare accordingly in the bank exam 2020 and upcoming bank exams.

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