How To Crack IBPS Bank PO Exam: 7 Practical Tips

How To Crack IBPS Bank PO Exam: 7 Practical Tips

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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is responsible for conducting the IBPS Bank PO Exam on a regular basis.

The banking industry is currently one of the fastest-growing industries in India and there will be a huge requirement of the talent to fill talent gap.

You must be interested to have a great and aspiring career as a Bank PO. You must be reading this article to know tips or strategies to crack the Bank PO exam in the first attempt.

In this article, you will learn strategies or tips to crack the Bank PO exam and we will ask you to follow these tips or strategies to enhance your chance of getting success in the IBPS Bank PO Exam.

The aspirant candidates must have started preparing for IBPS Bank PO Exam as this will be coming soon.

You must be a good verse about the syllabus of the bank PO exam because you cannot start your preparation before in-depth knowledge of the bank PO syllabus.

Minimum 4-5 months are required to prepare for the bank PO exam and you need to follow the below tips strictly to enhance your chance to clear the exam in the first attempt.

There are 7 practical tips to crack the IPBS Bank PO Exam mentioned in this article.

  1. Beak-down & Set Goal
  2. Identify your weak area
  3. Practice on Tricks
  4. Pomodoro Technique
  5. Increase Speed with Accuracy
  6. Equal weightage to English and General Knowledge
  7. Practice Mock-Test of Old Bank PO Exam Paper

7 Practical Tips to Crack IBPS Bank PO Exam 2020

1. Break-down & Set Goal

Beak-down & Set Goal IBPS Bank PO Exam

You need to divide your entire syllabus into a time table. You should start preparing for both the Exam Pre & Main at the same time.

This break-down of the study plan of the Pre & Main Exam will help you to focus on all the sections equally. You can set a small topic target on a daily basis and cover the maximum section daily. The setting goal will motivate you daily and you will feel motivated when you complete a small section of the syllabus.

When your preparation is done as per the goals set by you, then it will be easy to score in the exam.

2. Identify your weak area

Identify your weak area IBPS Bank PO Exam

First, you need to study the entire syllabus of the Pre & Main Bank PO Exam. Based on your study of the syllabus, now you need to identify your strength area and weakness area from all sections.

Every candidate has strength in some areas like one can have good command on English Language and another can have Numerical Ability. The strength is always based on your past study and your interest area.

Once you find your weak area or less skilled topic then you can increase your chance to improve on those sections. Accordingly, you can give time to study in a particular section and prioritize.

3. Practice on Tricks

Practice on Tricks Bank PO Exam

Before applying any short-cuts or tricks to solve questions, you must have fundamental clear of all the subjects. The fundamental or concept clarity is a foundation of cracking the Bank PO Exam.

Once you have clarity on the concept, you start learning and applying shortcuts and tricks to solve the question. The shortcuts and tricks will help you in solving questions speedily and you will be able to solve the large question is less time.  These shortcuts and tricks will help in objective base sections.

4. Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique IBPS Bank PO Exam

Pomodoro Technique is dividing study time into batches. You study for 25 minutes continuously then rest of 5 minutes. The total 30 minutes batch is called one Pomodoro.

This technique will help in enhancing your study for IBPS PO Exam and increase your focus.

You must start this concept of study immediately.

5. Increase Speed with Accuracy

Increase Speed with Accuracy IBPS Bank PO Exam

The speed and accuracy is the most important part to crack IBPS Bank PO Exam. The candidate needs to solve a total of 200 questions in 2 hours and if candidates solve all questions as per time then he/she can easily clear IBPS Bank PO Exam. 

Many online mock test providers will help you in testing your speed.

6. Equal weightage to English and General Knowledge

Equal weightage to English and General Knowledge Bank PO Exam

The English and General Knowledge take less time to solve but are a high scoring section. As most of the candidates find these subjects easy hence they ignore giving equal focus on these subjects. 

You need to give equal focus on these so that they will turn into an advantage for you by saving time. 

7. Practice Mock-Test of Old Bank PO Exam Paper

Practice Mock-Test IBPS Bank PO Exam

Mock test practice is very important while preparing for IBPS Bank PO Exam to increase your chance to crack the exam. 

Start taking the mock test to check your speed and accuracy like you are sitting in an exam hall. It will increase your confidence to crack the exam. 

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