Exam Stress : 10 Easy Tips To Help You Cope With It

10 Easy Tips To Deal With Exam Stress

During the exam, most students are in a position of stress. The slightest exam stress inspires the student to read, but the excess of this stress can be harmful.

The exam stress creates fear and that is called Exam Phobia. In such a situation, despite the hard work, the result is not satisfactory. This situation takes your future into the darkness that is why it is important for you that this tension does not prevail over yourself.

The Reasons for Stress

Pressure from parents to get better results:

The main reason for this is the pressure of parents to bring more marks. Which causes the stress of almost every student.

Every parent wants their child to bring very good marks. With good marks, the student will get admission in a good college or enroll him/her in a good course so that his/her future becomes bright. By repeatedly putting such pressure, the student gets the burden of getting high marks. Which puts him/her in tension.

Parents need to avoid putting such pressure on their child. They should provide them with a good environment of study, guidance, and support.

Not being prepared properly for the exam

Many students enjoy and pass time in the whole year, and when the exam comes, they become very upset and stressed. Sometimes they begin reading just before the examinations. The pressure to study at the last moment makes them mentally ill and stressed.

Therefore, there is a reason for tension in students who are not being fully prepared for the exam.

The students who study a little over a whole year are free of anxiety at the time of the examination.

Pressure to bring good numbers

This pressure is for every student who has to bring a good number.

Bringing the highest number of marks in class or getting the most marks in the city or involve in the merit list, this pressure makes students tensed and stressed.

If anyone who does hard work for the whole year, the result will be better.

The pressure to bring good marks also puts the student in tension.

So today we will talk about how to handle or overcome or manage exam stress. It is normal for students but handling is very important.


10 Ways To Overcome Exam Stress

Time Management

You have to make a time-table of your studies according to your exam schedule. Make plans for how to study and then follow the plan strictly.

If you have made better time management, then it is possible to prepare for the exam, which will not even tense you.

The improper study timetable is always resulting in exam stress as you will not be able to complete all subject on time and systematic way.


Create a Better Environment

There should be an environment for you to study in the days of the examination, where you do not have any kind of disturbance.

You can study in a different room where there is no one else. You should be away from the sound of television and music and any other type of noise that will not disturb you.

If your reading environment is good then the exam stress will also be away from you.


Adopt Optimistic Thinking Reduces Exam Stress

Optimistic thinking creates new enlightenment within us. So imagine about good results and enjoy it. Imagine you have got good marks in your class and you are in the next class.

This is the communication of hope in the mind and helps in straining the stress. So that you can be stress-free and concentrate more on the study.


Take a Break Between Study

During the examination, you spend a large amount of your time in study. In this way, staying in the study for a long time produces tiredness. Therefore, during the intensive study, take a break between the middle.

This reduces the amount of stress and studies done with freshness gives more results.

During the break, you can speak to friends, listen to the song and eat some light food.

Instead of thinking about the result after the exams are over, get out on a tour or try to develop a new hobby and get socialized.


Avoiding Medication

Tension is common in the days of examinations. It happens to every student who is serious about his studies and examinations.

Therefore, to avoid this anxiety, avoid any drug intake. Many students who cannot cope up with the stress of their exams, consume cigarettes, alcohol, any medicines, and other intoxicants, which are very harmful to their mental and physical health.

So you need to avoid these things because this is not going to give you good marks.

You can only get good marks with a disciplined & focused study.


Consult To Expert

If you find it difficult to understand any subject or topic during the exams, then consult the expert on that topic. That person can be a subject expert, your teacher, your elder siblings or students who have a good hold on this subject.

If your preparation is good then stress will be less.


A Balanced Diet

It is often a habit of students to forget their diet during the study. There is an adverse effect on studies if you don’t have a properly balanced diet.

When health is not right, how can the studies be done properly?

So eat balanced food.

Do not take food that is more oily and fatty than necessary.

One more thing, eat at regular intervals and do not forget the food due to studies.



The easiest way to get out of stress during the examinations is to exercise regularly.

Exercise will keep you fit mentally and physically. You can do some warm-up exercise or simple yoga. But don’t do some hard exercise which can be harmful to you.

Remember that physical activity is helpful in reducing stress.

Deep breathing is beneficial in between and middle of the study.


Enough Sleep

Sleep has a deep relationship with the health of a person. If you ask any healthy person, you will know that the person who is healthy, takes sufficient sleep.

During excessive mental work, there is a great need of not only rest but sleep too.

Therefore, take at least 7 hours of deep sleep during the examination.


Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking is very important at the time of examination. It will save you from negative thoughts as well as keep you away from the stress of studying.



Friends, you prepare well for the examinations and if you have prepared the exams correctly then good marks will come. Nothing is impossible for you if you do it wholeheartedly and diligently.

But remember that only planning does not make any difference, but you need to focus on its implementation. By proper implementation of your study plan, you can minimize your exam stress.

Friends, follow all the tips of exam stress handling you have here, follow them completely with firmness, it will keep you away from exam stress and help you in getting good marks.

There are many books available on exam stress management.

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