Life Lessons From Steve Jobs

11 Important Life Lessons From Steve Jobs To Follow

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Well, Steve Jobs is my idol and I learned many things from him, I would like to share life lessons from Steve Jobs and also I would like to thank him for this.

I just ended with watching the documentary on Steve Jobs for almost more than 10th time (iGenius How Steve Jobs Changed The World). Whenever I watch this documentary or listen to the speech he delivered at Stanford motivates me.

The followings are the 11 Important Life Lessons From Steve Jobs.

1.  Do What You Love

Yes, the only way to do anything perfectly is to do what we love. When you love a particular work of your choice it there is enthusiasm to do it perfectly.

Instead of spending 10 years doing unwanted work, try to find as much time you can to find the work of your love.

I am sure the remaining time of doing that work will give you the pleasure of the entire 10 years or probably more than that.

2.  Build a Great Team

You can’t manage everything, every time.

It is necessary to build a great team of the same vision and the same mission. A great team can boost your speed to attain your defined goals.

This is the one of the best life lesson from Steve Jobs.

3.  Believe on Yourself

When people said a computer cannot be used to create animated movies, Steve invested in Pixar and stood behind his investment firmly.

If you don’t believe it then why should I? Either don’t do things or do it will 100% confidence.

4.  Reinvent Things

Every possible innovation in this world is already innovated, and this is not true at all.

Try to invent things or even reinventing things can be the biggest innovation.

If you know two things and if its combination gives better results than individually, that’s reinvention.

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5.  Push Abilities Beyond Edge

Come out from your comfort zone.

The little time spent out of your comfort zone is extending your comfort zone.

Push your and your team’s abilities beyond the edge. If you are not doing that then you are taking too much space.

6.  Maintain Health

We often listen to this quote health is wealth, that’s the fact.

A car may give thrill while rash driving but it will definitely put car and driver in danger zone.  

Your body is a car, take care of it and drive safely.

7.  Grab Opportunities

The best time to learn anything was your school/college period and the second best time is now.

Opportunities never arrive in your mailbox with an envelope titled ‘Opportunity’. You should find and grab opportunities from anywhere you see. The word Anywhere literally means Anywhere.

8.  Give Your Best

Don’t have it’s enough attitude in your work.

Always deliver your more than 100%. Always demand perfection from yourself and from your team.

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9.  Keep it Simple 

Genius is not making things complicated but making complicated things simple, Remember this statement.

Simplicity has its own beauty. You might have no idea how Google’s advanced technology and algorithms are complicated but see Google’s homepage. Neat, clean, and most importantly SIMPLE.

10.  Stay Connected 

Always stay connected with your team, your customers, and your world.

Human is a social animal and that’s the way he should behave. Mutual communication is a great way to stay connected.

11.  Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

And his most famous life statement, stay hungry for knowledge, stay hungry for learning new things never every shy for these things.

We have very limited time and in most cases, it’s not enough so why to waste it for serious things in which we are not interested?

Stay Hungry, Stay foolish for the things which enhance you as a human being and gives you ultimate satisfaction for your work.

Hope, you will also feel motivated from these life lessons from Steve Jobs.

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