How to become Online Tutor and Earn Rs 50,000 Per Month

If you are a private school teacher or a working professional with a low salary then you know how difficult it is to live a good life on just your fixed salary.

We all need some extra income other than our fixed income to help for the situations whether it is paying off debt/loans, saving for the future, or paying for your children’s needs like marriage and education.

In most cases, teachers and low income educated salaried persons are looking for some extra income through side jobs but what kinds of side jobs they should, that is a big question.


Online Tutor Job

This not only for a teacher but also for the person who is the subject expert and have some extra time.

I searched many side jobs and found that online teaching job is a perfect part-time job for the person who has expertise over subjects.

So, today we are going to discuss the online teaching jobs. You can start an online teaching job without investment.

Every student needs a good and qualified teacher to teach them subjects so they can increase their knowledge.

Nowadays tutor job has become so innovative & modern and teachers have adopted this profession as a part-time job.

The best part of this side job is, there is no limit of earning. It purely depends upon the type of subject and your command over the subject.

Now students and professionals are shifting from classroom tuition to online tuition because they are getting facility at their home through the internet and for that, they don’t have to travel anywhere. This also provides time flexibility.

There are many companies available in this sector and they are facilitating to foreign students as well as Indians.

The income is very good so subject experts are moving towards the online tutor jobs.

An on-demand online tutor can earn between Rs 400 to Rs 1100 per hour through online tutoring which depends upon the difficulty of the subject/topic as well as market demand.

Many Indian teachers are making handsome money and earning upto Rs 80,000 per month by teaching between 5-8 hours everyday to students.


Online Tutor Earning

The teachers who are highly qualified and studied in the top institutes like IIT & IIM can earn upto Rs. 1,50,000 per month and even higher. The teachers who are having the right qualifications such as B.Ed and M.Ed can earn a steady income for a long time online.

There are two ways to earn money by becoming an Online Tutor.

  1. By creating and selling your own videos on different skills or courses or subjects or
  2. By taking Live sessions and teaching students on a third-party online platform.

Here I am providing you the list of the Best online tutor job providers in India. Few hire on a fixed salary and few on the hourly contract basis.

1. Vedantu 

Vedantu is India’s leading Online tutoring platform which helps students to learn online with India’s teachers. It has more than 500 teachers enrolled and has taught over 40000 students.


Vedantu Online Tutor

The process of getting listed on Vedantu for the teacher is simple and quick. You need to go through an online assessment and provide a teaching demo to their experts. The entire process can be completed within a week’s time.

2. Tutor Vista

TutorVista is a pioneering online tutoring platform in India and abroad. It provides the best quality online tutoring to students across the world at a very affordable price.


Tutor Vista Online Tutor

It also provides test preparation help, homework help, supplemental tutoring and expert assistance before tests and exams.

3. TutorME

TutorMe is a leading online educational platform that provides on-demand tutoring services.

TutorMe Online Tutor

This platform helps thousands of tutors to share their knowledge with students around the world.

Whether you need help with high school science or you want to learn how to program in Marketing, they have a perfect tutor for you.

4. Teacheron 

Teacheron is a free website, trusted by hundreds of students and teachers, throughout India.

online tutor

In order to contact students and find opportunities, you first have to complete your teaching profile.

Once you complete your profile, you can contact students for potential opportunities. The students can also contact you directly.

5. LivePadhai is a unique Education Technology based on Artificial Intelligence Start-up in the education sector which is mainly focussing on helping students reach their maximum levels.


livepadhai online tutor

The working strategy of Live Padhai is based on Artificial Intelligence which provides an online platform for Teacher-Student interaction, after recommending courses based on the student’s profile. Live Padhai provides Chapter wise content with a designed content flow.

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6. Skooli helps students learn difficult subject and topics and earn better grades by connecting them with well-qualified teachers.


Skooli Online Tutor

Whether you need assistance to understand a difficult topic and go to the next level, they have tutors who can help the student achieve their academic goals.

7. TutorCity provides an opportunity for students to study from the best tutors in their neighborhood and city.


TutorCity Online Tutor

TutorCity is a leading online tutor service that provides a platform expert professional training providers, both individuals, and institutes to connect students and teachers.

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