Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment And High Profit

25 Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment And High Profit

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There are profitable business ideas which can be started with high investment as well as low investment. But nobody interested in investing in a business which has a high risk of losing money. Due to high risk, many people are always looking for low investment and high-profit business.

Starting a business gives you economic freedom. So we are listing here 25 profitable business ideas which require low investment.

The following business you can start immediately after some research or after taking short term training or course.

Here is The List Of 25 Profitable Business Ideas With Low Investment And High Profits :

1. Babysitting Business

If you like children – and children like you, you can become a babysitter or a child minder and start your own business working as and when you want.

It is ofcourse a very responsible job with serious legal responsibilities. Most authorities require such businesses to be registered. Complete the formalities – and you can run your own business.

Children need a lot of care and attention and this business isn’t suitable for all.

2. Beauty Consultants

Being beautiful or handsome is wonderful for self-esteem. A little care and attention make a big difference. However, most people don’t know where to start.

That is where beauty consultants come in. Start your own beauty consulting business. You can work just a few hours a week or earn a full time living from your own beauty business.

You don’t necessarily need a Beauty Salon when you start – you can work from home until your business becomes big enough to justify a full Beauty Salon. This is one of the best profitable business ideas.

3. Book Distributors

Millions of persons buy dozens of millions of books each and every year. There are many small and medium-sized publishers that appoint home-based book distributors.

Many more companies and book wholesalers appoint retail booksellers and distributors.

Books = Cash Opportunities

If you love books or the money that the book trade generates, this may be an ideal business opportunity to get into.

4. Branding on Car

Cars or vans can display advertising or promotional posters or branding. Companies are looking for

  1. Car owners are interested in earning up to $2000 per month to display an advertisement on their car.
  2. Drivers are willing to drive a brand new, free car, truck or SUV with a promotional posters/advertisement already on it.

People all over the world are being given brand new, free cars to drive, and they don’t have to worry about making a car payment or paying for maintenance. Others are earning $2000 per month for simply having an advertisement placed on their own car while continuing to drive their normal everyday routes.

5. Catering Business

We all have to eat to live. We all love good & tasty food. And we are willing to pay – that means people in the catering trade can make a lot of money.

You can start your own catering business if you

  1. love food
  2. want people to enjoy what you cook
  3. are willing to learn.

Become a professional chef, learn some basics about running a catering business – and you can start enjoying what you love to do – cook.

In the process, you will be well rewarded with appreciation and real cash. Some catering businesses start with a one man or one woman operation – and then grow to turnover millions.

This is one of the great profitable business ideas and you can earn a good profit by following your hobby.

6. Cleaning Business

Clean up the mess – and pocket the money! The cleaning business is a serious money making industry.

  1. Clean carpets
  2. Furniture
  3. Pavements
  4. Homes
  5. Offices, Shops
  6. Schools
  7. Factories
  8. Window cleaning
  9. Clean Cars, etc.

7. Computers and I.T.

Computers are now common place in most homes and almost all offices.

If you have more than just basic skills in computer hardware or software, you can become a computer consultant. The good computer engineer and IT consultants are always in demand.

Your work may be based on-site at clients or you may work remotely from home – your skills and the type of work you undertake will determine that.

Top Consultants earn very good rates.

8. Copywriting Business

Copywriting can involve writing one line slogans to write full brochures or product literature – and everything in between. There are 1000s of copywriting opportunities.

If you are creative, copywriting might just be that ideal business you are thinking about starting.

If you have never done any copywriting or creative writing, take a short copywriting course to cover the essentials. The course also helps you to uncover copywriting markets and on running your own copywriting business.

9. Courier Business

If you have a car or a van, you can start your own courier business. Small and large businesses always need to deliver documents and parcels. You may operate locally, nationally or even internationally.

Most small courier companies are run by just one person – or a few at the most. They network with each other and with bigger courier companies (sub-contracting).

Compare what prices other courier companies are charging and set your rates accordingly.

10. DJ / Music Business

DJs are the life and soul of a successful party. A good DJ doesn’t just play fantastic music – he or she ensures that Party People have a thoroughly entertaining time – and they can’t wait to come back next time.

If you live for music and you love entertaining people, you can be paid to have fun. Great Disc Jockeys are always in full demand for parties, functions, and events.

Your initial low investment in equipment etc. is recovered in a short time. Run properly, this can be a profitable business with fun as the main ingredient.

11. Export Agency

When you travel overseas, do you notice the lack of availability of certain products that you would like to buy?

Most small manufacturers don’t export their products. Also, well-known brands may not be available in certain places. Start your export agency and help small manufacturers sell into overseas markets.

You get the commission on every product exported – the profits can soon build up both for you and for the manufacturer you represent.

You can earn good profits from this profitable business idea.

12. Franchise Business

Franchising enjoys a higher rate of success compared to businesses that go it alone. There are many reasons for that – here are just a few of them:

  • Tried and tested product or service
  • Franchise brand recognition
  • Advertising
  • Economies of scale
  • Faster profits and returns on investment
  • Franchise start-up assistance and on-going support

Explore franchising as a serious business opportunity and you can start your own business with a greater chance of success.

13. Freelance Writing

There are 1000s of writing opportunities for freelance writing – anyone can become a freelance writer. You can register yourself on for freelancing work.

However, you can learn the long and hard way – making many mistakes on the way, and being taken for a ride even by well-known names; or you can pick up the skills quickly from top-class writers and writing mentors whose work is praised by industry and writers alike.

14. Graphic Design Business

Good graphic designers are always in demand – and that represents a good business opportunity if you are creative!

All companies – big and small – require graphic designers to promote their images and messages. You could be designing posters, banners, advertisements, flyers, covers, CDs or DVDs, and a multitude of other graphic applications.

You can work on-site with clients or you may be home-based. 1000s of graphic designers now work from remote locations – thanks to the Internet.

15. Hairdressing Business

You can start your own hairdressing business right from your home with very little investment. Become a mobile hairdresser to increase your earnings.

Take appointments and visit clients at their homes or offices. Busy people are willing to pay premium rates if you visit them. You can register on as a service provider.

If you become a fashion hairdresser and build your reputation and your business, you can start generating an excellent income – way beyond what average hairdressers earn. The training is well worth it as hairdressers are hair today and hair tomorrow – and hair to stay!

16. Import Agency

Go to any small retail outlet and you will see dozens of imported items; the larger outlets might stock thousands of imported items.

They buy their products from importers and import agencies. Even big outlets may only be able to buy products via an import agency when the agency has an exclusive distribution deal.

Identify a product that will be well received in your market and that is not already in good supply. Profitable importers make money finding niche products and their profits are made by volume sales and competitive margins.

17. Insurance Agent

Many insurance consultants operate their Insurance Agencies from small offices or even from their homes. They may be linked to bigger insurance agencies or they may have a direct agency with the insurance company.

Insurance policies are essential for most people – that means you don’t have to “hard sell” most types of insurance. Most people know that insurance is good for them. That means your commissions can quickly build up. Operate your Insurance Agency full time or part-time depending upon how much time you have and how much money you need!

18. Mystery Shopper

There are many opportunities for becoming a mystery shopper. Good companies always use mystery shoppers to find out how their products and services are being delivered. If customer service is not up to top standards, the mystery shopper can report this and improvements can be made.

Mystery shoppers are also used for finding out what the competition is up to.

There are many advantages of setting up your own mystery shopping business – offer your services to companies and enjoy the rewards.

The following website provides mystery shopping

  1. Secret Shopper 
  2. RedQuanta 

19. Recruitment Agent

Recruitment agencies help employers find good staff – and vice versa. Agencies save employers a lot of time and effort by finding and qualifying potential candidates. They only put forward candidates who most closely match the employers’ requirements.

Once established, a successful recruitment agency may have dozens or 100s of employers as clients and 1000s of job seekers. They can also “headhunt” top class candidates.

Agencies charge employers commission as a % of the salary or fees that will be paid to the candidate/employee. The higher the salary, the higher the reward for the agency.

20. Researcher

You can earn a good income by becoming a Researcher. Individuals and companies have a constant need for information.

Spare time is at a premium and in most cases, the people who need the information simply don’t have the human resources to carry out the research. That means they use freelance researchers. Your research may be Internet-based or off-line depending upon what your clients require.

You can earn anywhere from $£15 to $£60 per hour – top researchers command even more.

21. Resume Writing Business

Resume writing is a special skill. A good resume makes the difference between landing interviews and jobs or being thrown in the slush pile.

Learn to write winning resumes – and you can command an excellent income. Your work can come directly from potential job seekers – as well as from recommendations by agencies and employers.

Compared to the demand, there are very few excellent resume writers about. Another advantage – you can work from anywhere.

22. Technical Writing Business

Technical writing is ideal if you can grasp technical details quickly – and then explain all the details to non-technical people in easy everyday language!

They create software manuals, product user guides, white papers, technical case studies, presentations, proposals, and a host of other technical materials.

If you can write with precision and quality, you can find a niche market for your technical writing abilities.

23. Travel Writing Business

Travel writing is glamorous – you get to see the world and you get paid for having fun!

OK, that is the perception that most people have. In reality, becoming a travel writer involves a lot of hard work. You don’t always get to work in locations that you really want to work in – and you come across uncomfortable and unhelpful surroundings.

There are two sides to travel writing – the thoroughly enjoyable part is that you get to visit places and to meet people; the downside is that it can be very hectic and yes … very tiring!

24. Tutoring Business

Each one of us is gifted in at least one subject or topic – in other words, we love a subject and we develop a keen interest in everything to do with it.

There are also a countless number of persons who are keen to learn more about that subject. That is where your tutoring opportunity comes in.

Offer to share your knowledge and expertise with others – and they will pay you for your assistance. Teach for as many or as few hours that you like. Some tutors only teach for 5 or 6 hours per week – others make a full-time living out of tutoring.

25. Typing Business

Learning to type isn’t very difficult. For instance, if you use the Internet, you are already using some typing skills. Polish your typing skills and you have a profitable typing business on your hands!

Your clients can be local businesses as well as clients from around the world – you deliver your work using email, etc. There are always openings for good typists – if you are willing to put in the required effort, you can start making money.

In Conclusion

If you really looking for low investment profitable business ideas you must start research on any of the above-listed businesses. If any of the above business is related to your one of the hobby then you must start with it. By converting your hobby into a business, you can enjoy working while earning.

If you like above profitable business ideas then comment in below comment box and if you have any question then must ask.

Good Luck

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