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5 Reasons to Start Freelance Writing and Become A Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing is a skill that can be used either in the workplace or as a business venture to suit your needs. For the self-starters among us, who take an interest in diverse topics with an endless supply of learning material, this will certainly be an ideal job to undertake. If changes are required to create a better work/life balance, freelance writing may be the answer. Here are five reasons to become a freelance writer:


Avoid the rush hour traffic, the daily grind, and even work in your pajamas! Working from home has many benefits. Drastically reducing your carbon footprint, saving valuable time not traveling, and reducing costs overall are among the reasons why working from home can be fantastic. Working around childcare or disabilities are the top reasons that people opt to work from home, ensuring a greater work/life balance to create a happier family home.


The daily 9-5 slog can have a draining effect on the body and mind. However, the long-term effects of this can leave a person feeling completely wiped out and drained. Working from home offers the ability to decide which hours to work. And when freeing up important time to dedicate to other commitments or perhaps enjoy some personal time. Those with children and/or disabilities would particularly benefit from working from home as the flexible hours would be beneficial to their needs.


Working in the same job for years on end can leave a person despondent with the type of work they are undertaking. Freelance writing offers a diverse range of topics to choose to write about, ensuring the writer is always furthering their education. Taking a subject and articulately producing a piece of writing to help others understand this topic can be extremely challenging, but also exceptionally rewarding.


There is a saying that practice makes perfect. In the world of freelance writing, there is a platform to enhance skills by writing creatively along with a diverse range of subjects. In other words, a person with a passion for writing will excel in this field, taking advantage of any help and assistance along the way. A marked improvement will be seen over a short period of time ensuring progression is made and contacts are formed. If there is an area where your writing skills are particularly weak, there is help available to ensure you reach maximum potential.


Fed up of taking orders? Freelance writing offers the ability to take charge of your working life. Decide which work to undertake, which hours to work, and when lunch will be. Decide an afternoon nap is in order? No problem! As the boss, you can make decisions easily. Being the boss takes a lot of responsibility. For the responsible, self-starters among us, freelance writing may present the ideal working opportunity to truly challenge and inspire. Dedication and hard work will always be rewarded when control of this belongs to the writer themselves.

In conclusion, freelance writing offers many opportunities for a change of direction and purpose. For those that simply require a top-up of their monthly wage, or those looking to make a full-time income from working from home, the various opportunities across the freelance writing platform, enable this type of work to be suitable for all. To get out of the daily grind, avoid the rush hour traffic, work in your pajamas or around childcare, take a look at freelance writing today. It is more than work; it is a whole new way of life.

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