The Simplest Way To Create Happy Client For Your Freelance Business

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Happy clients are the lifeblood of your freelance business.

Get a shitty client and that’s a thorn in your side you’ll wish could be easily removed.

So your number one goal as a freelancer should be making exceptionally happy clients.

The type of client who’s so proud of the work you’ve done for them, they become the word of mouth evangelists, promoting your business to everyone they know.

It’s the freelance success secret that can make or break your business.

When you give a shit about your freelance business, you’ll translate that to your clients and learn how to give a shit about them too.

Odds are, you’re doing everything you can to make sure your clients are happy, but there’s always more you can do, and that’s what we’re talking about today.

The extra step you take to make your freelance business clients happy. It’s a simple step, but one that a lot of us have overlooked in the past, myself included.

After today, you have no excuse.

So, how do you get a super happy client that wants to spread the word about your freelance business? The answer is simple and free.


It doesn’t get more simple than this, but it’s one of the most underutilized methods of making clients happy with your work.

So, how would you accomplish this?

If you think your project will take 6 days to complete, tell the client it’ll take you one and a half weeks to finish.

This way, when you send them the project earlier than expected, it’s a surprise – and a welcomed one. You look good because you got the work done early, and the client is instantly impressed with your work.

When you miss deadlines with your client, their perception of the work you do finally send them will be skewed with their anger about you missing the deadline, so you can bypass this issue altogether by giving yourself some extra time to complete a project.

Another idea for under promising and over-delivering is when you create a project for a client, but go the extra mile and give them something they didn’t even pay for.

For instance, I’m a blog designer and when I create a layout for a client after I complete work I’ll also create them a Twitter background image and Facebook cover photo. This gives extra value to my work and allows the client to build their brand across social media, which means more exposure for the work I’ve done for them.

If you’re a freelance copywriter who’s writing copy for a client’s website, you can write up a few killer tweets that you know will help get the client clicks. You’re giving them something for free, and increasing their view of you as a freelancer.

These things translate to more positive reviews for you through a testimonial you’re asking for when the project is done, a tweet they send out saying thank you for the awesome work, etc.


Figure out ways to expand your current offerings and surprise your client with the coolest experience they’ve ever had with a freelancer, and you’ve got a fan for life.

How do you do that?

It’s simple – under promise and over deliver.

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