The Pros and Cons of Freelancing – A Quick Overview

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When looking for a job after completing studies, you go out for a job that is available for full time, or you start to work on freelancing websites doing the work according to your mood. A full-time job provides a regular income along with a work environment where you have to stick to the rules. On the other hand, freelancing work provides you with the advantage of working independently from anywhere you like without any organizational rules. But the money earned depends on the amount of work you do, which isn’t fixed.

A context from covers various such pros and cons of freelancing works as discussed below.


  1. No Boss Hassle – Working as a freelancer, you don’t have to worry about an irritating boss commanding you every step of the work. You are your own boss here and can work according to your mood and needs.
  2. More Money – Since, freelancing contracts tends to pay every worker according to the number of hours worked for, thus, you can gain more money for every project you do. Also, a high rating gets you high payments.
  3. Work Independence – Another benefit of freelancing is that you aren’t bound to any type of work. You can work according to your time and requirements at your preferred location. This might be your bedroom or some coffee shop.
  4. Variety of projects – You get a list of huge variety of projects to choose from, where you can select the type of work you want to do, unlike regular jobs where a boss selects the work that you’ll have to follow up to.
  5. Gain Skills – While working on freelancer contracts, you get a variety of projects to work with; thus, you have the option to gain more number of skills than a full time worker.


  1. Hustle for finding work – Before you start your freelance career, you have to make a lot of workout to find your first job. ou have to think after finishing every job about how to find the next one.
  2. Job Insecurity – There is no security for a regular work and salary as that in a full time job. You get paid for the work that you get and if you don’t get any, you aren’t paid anything.
  3. No money for holidays – Since, you are paid for every project independently; you can’t get a paid holiday for any purpose, even when you are sick.
  4. No claim for your work – Once you complete a project, you hand over the work to the client. After the handover, you can’t claim any of your projects that you have done throughout the time. This will be lacking any future value for your career.
  5. Self-Management Necessary – In freelancing work, you don’t get any medical claims or other benefits like travel allowances, paid leave or retirement benefits. Thus, you have to manage all those expenses on your own. You either work continuously for life or put a lot of work pressure on yourself to earn much money to enjoy in later life.

After going through the pros and cons, you can make the right choice of working as a freelancer or a full-time employee. Freelancing, indeed, has offered lucrative options to many people and they are enjoying their lives to the fullest.

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